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Mrs. Lupin was a minor character of 2020 film, 100% Wolf. She is Freddy's deceased mother and Flasheart's wife, as well as a member of the Lupin Family via marriage. She died of an unknown cause prior to her son's graduation but was a loyal wife and loving mother who cared deeply for her son. Her death might have contributed to Freddy's determination to make his family proud, possibly not wanting to let down his widowed father and deceased mother's legacies.


Freddy's mother presumably attended Howlington Academy in her youth, likely studying under Principal Pincus, which was perhaps where she met and fell in love with Flasheart Lupin. It can be assumed she might have been classmates with graduates such as Hans Beowulf and Garth. She likely participated in the various school activities, such as the Moonstone Games, though if she did, she never won, as Hans boasted to have never lost.

However they met, Flasheart presumably eventually proposed to her and the two married. Little is known of her marriage with the High Howler, but Mrs. Lupin eventually gave birth to a single boy and only child the couple named Freddy. Freddy and his mother apparently shared a close, affectionate relationship, but tragically, she died from an unclear cause sometime during Freddy's youngster years, leaving Freddy to be raised by his father alone.

100% Wolf[]

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Physical Appearance[]

As she has yet to appear, next to nothing is known of Freddy’s Mother's human appearance, although it is possible, she was, like her son and husband, fair skinned. However, given how Freddy's human appearance differs from his father, it is possible he took much more of his appearance from his mother than his father. If this is true, then Freddy's Mother might have been built along the same lithe, slim, agile lines as her son, who could of also inherited his mop of brown hair from his dam, rather than from his raven-haired father.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Werewolf, Freddy's Mother possessed the standard abilities of her kind, the most major being the ability to shift into the form of a wolf during nightfall with her moon band. While in her wolf form, she would have possessed teeth, claws and night vision, which she could likely utilise in combat against enemies. If in contact with the Moonstone, her powers would likely be amplified. Her only weaknesses was silver and nightshade, which would both revert her back to the form of a human, although the effects differed.

As a human, she was possibly (like her son) slim and agile on her feet, in contrast to her somewhat more heavy-built husband. To be the wife of such a high-ranking individual in the werewolf wolf, Mrs. Lupin was presumably a skilled and influential individual in her own right.


  • Though unconfirmed, it is possibly Freddy's mother might have been a member of the Night Patrol
    • Furthermore, given the fact that Freddy was apparently descended from pure-blooded werewolf families going back several centuries on both side of his family, his mother likely descended from a powerful and ancient werewolf clan, though none of Freddy's maternal relatives have been shown yet.
  • Some speculate Freddy's Mother might have some reason to do with her son's transformation.