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Freddy Lupin is the main protagonist of the 2020 film, 100% Wolf and the animated series, 100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone


100% Wolf[]

A young Freddy was accompanying his father and several members of the council of elders during their duties of protecting Milford from the shadows.

100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone[]

Season 1[]

Freddy explains the history of the feud between dogs and werewolves and how things have changed since the past. His uncle, Hotspur doesn't approve the idea of having a dog enroll at Howlington Academy. Flasheart states to his brother since times have changed, the pack must change as well. Frustrated at his uncle's remark, Freddy decides to prove that he was Howlington material by having Batty tape his escapade to aid a human in need. He comes across a lost citizen who was searching for her granddaughter who went missing in the forest.

Season 2[]


Freddy is loyal to his friends but also very cocky and impulsive. He tends to dismiss help only to reluctantly take it later. He is very close with his father, Flasheart, often being cheered up by his support and pep-talks, hoping to make him proud, especially after his apparent death, but thankfully, the two are reunited in the dog pound and share a heartfelt reunion.

As a child, Freddy is kind, energetic, playful, and dreams of being able to go out saving people with his family, but can become saddened quite easily, such as Hotspur coldly telling him to go home, or when Flashheart fell off the cliff, while trying to save Cripp, leaving him deppresed, insecure, and withdrawn, which continues into his adolescence, often making him socially awkward around others, clumsy, nervous, and desperate to prove himself, both before and after becoming a Were-Poodle. However, over the course of his adventure with Batty to reclaim the Moonstone, he becomes more confident, outspoken, courageous and ultimately accepts his Were-Poodle form with pride, using it to thwart Hotspur’s plans and end his family’s prejudice against all dogs.

In tandem with Freddy's large ego, he is always willing to try something new to achieve his goals. He dislikes being looked down upon for being a were-poodle and sticks up for the other dogs when they are belittled. Freddie is devoted to his family and desires to live up to the Lupins name, putting great pressure on himself occasionally.

Physical appearance[]

Freddy is medium sized with a weird pink hair after being a poodle

Freddy likes Batty


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  • Freddy is the first (and so far only) were-poodle ever.
  • Freddy was completely white when he first transformed.
  • A reoccurring gag prior to being sprayed with werewolf essence; is that Freddy would lose his clothing upon reverting back to human form.
  • Despite Freddy's human hair reverting to normal brown from the film; his poodle form still retains the pink coloring.
  • In Cherry, Freddy briefly became a Wilderwolf when attempting the evasion 101 test the second time, allowing his rage to overcome him.
  • In Milford’s Got Skillz, Freddy becomes an Uber-Poodle when hit by the magnified energy from the Moonstone. As of Swiss, his Uber status is cured.
  • His mother died prior to the series, presumably while Freddie was young, although Freddie remembers her fondly.
    • The death of his mother might have contributed to Freddy's determination to make his family proud, possibly not wanting to let down his widowed father and deceased dam's legacies.
  • Freddie bares a similarity to Mirabel Madrigal in several ways
    • Both bare something that separates them from their kin (Freddie's transformation, Mirabel's lack of a gift
    • Both descend from families of deep influence within their communities
    • Both are insecure about their place in their family because of the difference that marks them out among their clan
    • Both still, however, share an affectionate relationship with their parent/parents (Flashhart, Julieta and Agustin)
    • Both possess a deceased relative (for Freddy, it was his mother, for Mirabel, it was her Abuelo, Pedro)
    • Both are determined to make their family proud to make up for their differences
    • Both are also insecure, however, over their power/lack of powers