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Scarlet Jagger is a recurring character of the animated series, 100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone.


100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone[]

Season 1[]

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Season 2[]

Runaway Jane[]



Scarlet is a determined junior Werewolf hunter who seeks to cure werewolves of their "curse". When she encounters the poodle, she has shown to become fixated on him being associated with a werewolf pack. This frustrates her parents who were against her hunting, secretly not wanting her to get in danger despite being hunters themselves.

At first, Scarlett was elated to the discovery of her parents double Wolf Hunter career, but eventually began to see some of the inhuman tactics being employed on the wolves. After discovering Freddy himself was a were-creature, Scarlet was confused and furious, feeling betrayed by someone she had viewed as a friend and even calls Freddy not even a real person, something that deeply hurts him. In spite of her anger at him, she still cared for Freddy and had a strong moral compass, warning him of her parents planned attack and turning briefly against the hunters, her mother and father included, to help the wolves escape, due to her belief that their attacking and attempts to destroy the wolves was wrong. By this time, her anger at Freddy seems to her left her and she later calls to check on him, as well as shows more confusion than anger at the silence that responded.

Eventually, Scarlett realises that Freddy had lied to her primarily to protect his family and people from losing what makes them them. She also sees the truth if Freddy's words: to cure the werewolves of their ability would be, to some, as worst or even more terrible that what the wolf hunters were attempting, as just because they were different, it didn't mean they should be purged of what makes them unique. This causes her to abandon her antipathy and again befriend Freddy, being willing to aid him uncover Ric, though not without the condition of him showing her Howlington. Scarlett shows great enthusiasm upon sighting the school, only just keeping down her excitement, as well as bravery when she aids the gang in saving the students from Ric's mind-control. She also displays a knowledge of herbs and plant-life, such as wolfsbane, who's properties she describes as being that of a turned down form of silver's power.

Despite her eventual dislike of her parents tactics, Scarlett loves her family deeply and was even close to giving in and stealing back the Doom Rock for Swiss after he captured them. Her parents return this and seem to have abandoned their hatred to werewolves in the end as well.

Physical appearance[]

Scarlet is a young woman with violet colored hair, fair skin and blue eyes. She generally wears a purple hooded jacket, dark pink finger-less gloves, denim jeans, brown boots and a pink shirt.


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  • In Beast in Show, Scarlet creates a canine to human translator on her phone.