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Lycanthropes, also known simply as werewolves, are a race of shapshifting creatures capable of turning between humans and wolves. They try to stay hidden from humans by creating a society spsrt from them, througth they do interact with humans from time to time.


Werewolves were created when, during a confrontation between wolf hunter Harlin Lupin and wolf Longtooth, a meteorite fell from the sky, splitting into the Moonstone and the Doom Rock, and causing wolf hunter and wolf to merge, turning Lupin into a wolf himself. This caused him to turn into a wolf whenver he is expozed to moonlight. His descendants, both direct and indirect, would inherent this ability, breeding into werewolves.

Ever since then, werewolves did their vest to hide from humans, having been both demonized abd reduced in their eyes to mere myths, as werewolves were fearful of what might happen of they were exposed. They also developed a rivalry with dogs, who see them as unnatural.

In order to survive, werewolves created their own society, akin to humans. However, other werewolves refused to become civilizated and instead live in the wild as Wilderwolves.


Werewolves are shapeshifting creatures who are able to transform between an unassuming human and a normal wolf whenver they are exposed to the moonlight, acquirung each species capabilities depending on their form. However, there are substances like silver that can harpen the transfornation and keave them locked in a form.