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The Wilderwolves are an ancient order of werewolves who desire to destroy humanity and conquer the world.

The Wilderwolves serve as the main antagonists of the animated series, 100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone.


The Wilderwolves and Werewolves were originally a single pack, living together as one. As time passed, however, several werewolves, in retaliation to the hunts now being taken out on them, embraced the savagery hunters claimed they possessed, actively attacking farms and flocks. When the pure werewolves became aware of these actions, they and the rogue wolves separated, the rogues donning the name 'Wilderwolves'. The Wilderwolves were seemingly then ruled by a king, who apparently possessed the power to control others and fill them with rage, bending them to his cause. Following his death, the Wilderwolf Monarch was mummified and entombed in a underground cavern booby-trapped with Wolfsbane. Howlington Academy was eventually built over the tomb, though whether this was purposefully done or by simple accident is unclear. However, while memory of the King faded into oblivion eventually, the Wilderwolves seemingly never forgot.

100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone[]

Season 1[]

In Welcome to Howlington, a wilderwolf made it's first appearance, where it plotted to steal the Moonstone from Howlington Academy. It's plan was thwarted by Freddy Lupin and Batty.

In The Golden Horn, a wilderwolf was later seen where it was spotted by Scarlet Jagger before running off. It later attacked Scarlet and Batty when the other students were dealing with the sheep.

In The Accountant, the Night Patrol were later seen pursuing a wilderwolf, only for it to evade them.

In Camping Trip, the main order and their leader, Alpha One, made their debut where Cherry decided to become one of them. One of the first tasks the new wilderwolf was given was to get rid of the students of Howlington Academy and to also convince Freddy to join their cause.



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Wilderwolves take on the form of werewolves during the night; the only difference between them and regular werewolves is the red eyes.


Proud and free, wild are we. By pale moonlight in the deepest night, we shall rise, with sharpened claws and blood red-eyes.
Wilderwolf pledge, Camping Trip

Known members[]

Current members[]

Former members[]






  • In Cherry, weredogs are also susceptible to becoming a wilderwolf. This was seen with Freddy when he was attempting the leap of faith for the second time in Evasion 101.